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Electrical machinery and equipment

The demand is booming in India for electrical machinery and equipment as well as their spare parts and accessories. These include sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders, and parts. If you can afford the huge capital required, you can make lots of profit importing these products into India.

Iron and steel

While there are many industries in India that depend on the use iron and steel as major raw materials, the country itself does not produce these metals in abundance, which means manufacturers in India usually need to turn to foreign sources of these metals. You can convert this reality into cool cash by importing iron and steel and selling to India manufacturers who require these metals.

Pharmaceutical Products

Although natural and alternative health has taken a large chunk of medicine in India, the demand for pharmaceutical products is still on the high side. There are pharmaceutical industries in India, but there are still many needs unfiled by these companies. This leaves open a window of opportunity for importers of pharmaceutical products that are in huge demand.

Live Trees and Other Plants

Due to the rapid urbanization going on in India, many natural resources, particularly agricultural assets, are destroyed on a daily basis. Conversely, however, the demand for live trees, bulbs, roots, cut flowers, and ornamental foliage has remained on the high side. So, if you have a good background in handling plants, you can make lots of profit by importing plants and trees that are in huge demand in India.

Import of Seafood

Tons of seafood, such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and so on are consumed in India on a daily basis. Ironically, however, indigenous suppliers cannot cater to the huge demand for these products, leaving open a window of opportunities for importers of seafood.

While there are more-than-countable import and export opportunities in India that you can tap from, you would hardly go wrong with the 10 discussed here. However, you must bear in mind that you will need to conduct extensive research on any market before taking a plunge.

Electronic Toys Import

Generally, there are usually hot selling toys each year in the world, such as loom bands, kinetic sand and balancing scooter . If you can discover the potential of these products and import them earlier than your competitors, then you will already make a lot of money when other people start to sell.

IoT Import

IoT stands for the Internet of things. Basically, IoT can provide significant support to numerous areas and sectors. These are transport, wellness, healthcare, buildings, home, factories, agriculture, livestock, electric grids, water supply networks, and of course individual consumers.

Direct Importing

It’s easy to import and resell than production, storage, and distribution. You can import directly from countries and markets which produce these items at a cheaper rate. Though, it’s important to choose the right product for importing and reselling in a perfectly competitive market.

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