Information Technology Business

AI Technology

One of the most exciting trends within tech right now is AI, since it’s in high demand and it offers endless business opportunities. With AI, many business processes are no longer dependent on human interaction. If you are looking for one way of using AI as a business idea, it could be to develop an AI platform.

Big Data Analytics Service

Another buzzword that has spread across the tech industry is big data. With the huge amount of data available, many companies find it hard to create a complete overview. Therefore, many companies resort to data analyst services that can help interpret meaning out of large chunks of data. It has proven very successful for many businesses to utilize the huge amount of data. It helps to create better advertising, better product selection, and generally helps lift sales figures significantly.

Tech Podcast

Many years before television, Netflix and YouTube, radio was the preferred information channel. And despite the endless amount of video content out there, radio has recently experienced a true revival. Through podcasts, businesses and influencers have great success with promoting and selling their product. Find your niche and start a podcast, where you talk about your field of expertise. If you are good and people are entertained, you have the possibility to reach millions of listeners.

Digital Advertising Business

Both businesses and customers are growing rapidly on the internet. Advertising and digital marketing have seen one of the major pushes in recent times. As a firm, you will provide a platform for businesses to target customers online.

Social Networking Platform

It is primarily dominated by international players. But a social networking platform for your local area may not be a bad idea. If you can target a specific audience by providing the needful, your site or platform may run well.

Open a One Stop Info Tech Shop

An IT one – stop – shop is one of the highly thriving info tech businesses that any IT inclined entrepreneur should consider starting. An IT one – stop – shop is place where people purchase their I.T. gadgets, download stuffs, buy computers and mobile phones, smartphones, accessories, repair their computers, mobile phones, cameras and other I.T. gadgets.

Open an Outsource Call Center

Towards the end of the 20th century, corporations in the United States and United Kingdom started outsourcing some of their businesses to other countries such as India, China and Philippines et al. Call center services is among the business services that are outsourced simply because it is economical to do so.

So, if you live in India, China, Philippines, Nigeria et al and you are looking towards starting an info tech business, then one of your option is to start an outsourcing call center business. Although this type of business is capital intensive, but at the same time it is highly profitable especially if you know how to source for businesses from multinationals that are willing to outsource their call center jobs.

Start a Server Building Company

Another thriving and profitable info tech business that an entrepreneur who is interested in making money can start is serve building business. Servers play important roles in telephony and internet and intranet connections in corporate organizations.

As a matter of fact, there is hardly any corporate organization where you won’t find servers (server rooms). It makes networking and business in general run smoothly. So, if you are looking towards starting your own IT related business, then one of your options is to start a server building company.

3D Printing

3D printing is on the forefront of cutting-edge of tech gadget development. 3D printing can very well be the next big revolutionizer in many industries. 3D printing has made it possible to create almost anything like a 3D model. Many industries are no longer limited to specified machines to manufacture simple hardware parts.

Cloud Storage Service

Do you remember the days where all documents were stored in large physical archives? Probably not. Today, we save more or less everything in the cloud. By starting a cloud storage service, you give companies the possibility to store large amounts of data and information safely in the cloud, where it will be easily accessible.

Tech Video Channel

If you love to speak and edit videos, going for a video channel on YouTube about technology is not a bad idea. You can use your platform on YouTube. This means you can earn revenue or get endorsed by other brands online.

Video Content Streaming Service

Just like an audio streaming service, you can provide a platform for videos. People often experiment with unique films and content.

AI Platform

With a huge growing market for AI and machine learning, you can help businesses to use AI technology. It will help them integrate it to answer questions without any help and perform other tasks.

Web Analytics Service

You will offer businesses and website owners with different insights on how they should do their business. You will gather analytical data and help them improve their performance. This also includes customer conversions and other online functions.

Web Designing

Because of the increasing online presence of companies, web designers are in huge demand. As the name indicates, web designers design and develop the website. Today’s consumers are busy and impatient – therefore the user-friendly design is key for websites, which is exactly what a web designer contribute with. Starting your own web designing business is might not a bad idea.

App Developer

The market for apps speaks for itself. It is huge, and millions of people download and use apps every day. While many apps disappear into the unknown, once in a while an app that revolutionizes industries occurs. Take for instance Uber or Snapchat, who both have built their entire business around an app platform. If you have a great business idea, consider if it is scalable to an app. It is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your potential customers.

Cloud Based Phone Service

To help your clients communicate more effectively, you could start a phone service that’s based online using cloud technology.

 E-Learning Services

Electronic learning has won a defined place in the mission of most nations and our country India isn’t either lagging behind. How e-learning helps is that it facilitates education-related services to schools, colleges, universities, etc through electronic media.

Ecommerce Platform

To help other entrepreneurs make a living online, you can create a platform where sellers can upload products to list for sales.

UX Service

You could also provide an essential service to website owners or app developers by testing their features to make sure they’re offering a good user experience.

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