Campus Training

Graduate yourself with Me and Dharshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. campus training programs. When you are about to leave your college campus, your next target would be get the best job offer. This could be possible only if you acquired a contemporary education about fields that run the industry. There few courses which holds the complete industrial system.

Corporate Training

A qualified and trained is always welcome and adorable in corporate sector. But to stand on the expectations of a company, you need to be trained and have expertise in your profile. Corporate training gives you platform to build yourself and throw out all weaknesses which could create obstacles in your way.
We provide timely valid corporate solution for better growth and prosperity of the industry. Our consulting services are always carrying the latest industrial practice and current corporate ethics. We provide the most suitable, advantageous and cost effective tool for your business.

Classroom Training

We and Dharshi technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides you a ready-to-learn environment where you got a complete professional corporate training. Our classroom training will supervise and educate you with measures that will make you capable to marshal your professional career with ease and comfort. A fresh graduate never have enough information about the practices being run in corporate or industrial sector, thus without sufficient knowledge, he or she may feel novice for the job profile. Worrying is no solution when it comes to perform at desired workplace.
Our classroom training will not only educate you rather you can be dominant at choosing your desired workplace and you can negotiate your salary the way you want. We have incorporated courses in our proficient and career-oriented training course

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