The Concept of CGI CGI is an abbreviation for Common Gateway Interface. It is not a type of language but a set of rules (specification) that establishes a dynamic interaction between a web application and the client application (or the browser). The programs based on CGI helps in communicating betweenContinue Reading

A regular expression is a set of characters with highly specialized syntax that we can use to find or match other characters or groups of characters. In short, regular expressions, or Regex, are widely used in the UNIX world. Import the re Module The re-module in Python gives full supportContinue Reading

Introduction to the Python regular expressions Regular expressions (called regex or regexp) specify search patterns. Typical examples of regular expressions are the patterns for matching email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers. Regular expressions are essentially a specialized programming language embedded in Python. And you can interact with regularContinue Reading

Function Pointer in C Language The pointer variable which holds the address of a function is called a function pointer. The basic advantage of a function pointer is that 1 function can be passed as a parameter to another function. Function pointer calls are faster than normal functions. We alreadyContinue Reading

Dangling Pointer in C Language: The most common bugs related to pointers and memory management in C Programming Language is Dangling/Wild Pointers. Sometimes as a programmer, we forgot to initialize the pointer with a valid address, and when we do so, then this type of uninitialized pointer is known asContinue Reading

Error Handling in C Program: There is no direct support for Error Handling in C language. However, using the return statement in a function, there are few methods and variables defined in error.h header file that can be used to point out the error.  A programmer has to prevent errors in theContinue Reading

What is a File? A file is the name of a physical memory location in the secondary storage area. The file contains a sequence of bytes of data in the secondary storage area in the form of an unstructured manner. In the implementation, when we were required to interact withContinue Reading