What is Selector? A CSS selector is a pattern to match the elements on a web page. The style rules associated with that selector will be applied to the elements that match the selector pattern. Selectors are one of the most important aspects of CSS as they allow you toContinue Reading

Business demand Passion and Patience. Without these two qualities, we cannot stand for any business. Passion is a key to small business owners for long term success. It really is endless energy. You have to get up early, work late. It takes lot of passion, a lot of energy andContinue Reading

ख़ुशी एक व्यवस्था है जो हमें सकारात्मकता की ओर ले जाती  है। जब हम किसी चीज़ को महसूस करते हैं तो  वो एक ख़ुशी  का बोध करती है, चाहे चीज़ पैसा हो, प्यार हो, संस्कार हो, इज़्ज़त हो इत्यादि। हाँ, ख़ुशी  और हंसी को मैं एक सामान नहीं मनाता, क्योंकिContinue Reading

इंसान की फितरत को समझना इतना आसान नहीं है , क्योंकि जो उसका स्वार्थ है वही उसको  अच्छा या बुरे की क्षेणी में खड़ा करता है।  किसी को अच्छा या बुरा हम अपने मन की ख़ुशी से देखते हैं न की आत्मा की नज़र से।  क्योंकि आत्मा न्याय की वोContinue Reading

जब 2020  की शुरआत हुई थी, उस समय अमेरिका की अर्थव्यस्था  अपने निरंतर विस्तार के 126 वे महीने में प्रवेश कर रही थी। ये अमेरिका के इतिहास में आर्थिक प्रगति का सबसे लम्बा दौर था।  उस समय कई  निवेशक और बड़ी कंपनियों के अधिकारी गुपचुप तरीके से ये सवाल उठाContinue Reading

 Agriculture farm If you have an empty land suitable for farming, you can start with an agricultural farm. Items that are demanded locally can be produced on it. Maintaining good quality can fetch you high profits. Tree farm A tree farm grows trees and earns money by selling them. TheContinue Reading

Vertical farming is a technique of growing plants in rows and columns with the use of less space. This idea gets the interest of people looking to start business with small area. The basic opportunity lies in the hands of the entrepreneurs who start the business. Vertical farming can beContinue Reading

Detergent Powder Manufacturing Detergent powders are also known as synthetic detergent and these are the surfactant. One can start this project with a small startup capital investment. There are different varieties of detergent available in the market depending upon the different percentage of active ingredients and other components. The processContinue Reading

Bricks Manufacturing Bricks are important items in the construction industry. Additionally, there are different types of bricks for different purposes. You can start the bricks manufacturing business with moderate capital investment. Some of the most popular items are hollow bricks, concrete bricks, clay bricks, etc. Building Material Supply Basically, civilContinue Reading

E-Waste Recycling One of the best electronics engineering business ideas is e-waste recycling. As companies and consumers alike strive to be more eco-friendly, they reach out to e-waste recycling services for assistance. These companies reduce the amount of toxic materials in landfills. Such materials include outdated computers, cell phones, and TVs.Continue Reading