Export Business

Organic chemicals

While there is abundant production of organic chemicals in India, there is huge demand for these products in foreign countries in Europe and Asia, where they are needed for various purposes, ranging from agriculture to manufacture of drugs. You can tap from this opportunity by starting a business that exports organic chemicals out of India.

 Natural or cultured pearls and stones

India is widely known for the production of beautiful natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, and jewelry coated with precious metals. You can take a plunge into the world of exporting with this opportunity. There is huge demand in foreign countries for jewelries of Indian origin. This option is particularly suitable for those with little investment capital.


Cotton is one of the most abundant agricultural products in India. Ironically, it is in huge demand in many other countries of the world. So, you can start a business that exports cotton from India to neighboring countries as well other countries in Europe, Asia, or even the Americas. If you have the little capital required, you can start establishing your contacts in other countries where cotton is in huge demand, and start exporting the commodity to make cool cash.

Copper and its products

You may not be able to set up a copper manufacturing industry. But you can still tap from the huge opportunities in the Indian copper industry by exporting the metal to foreign countries where it is needed for various purposes. However, you must bear in mind, however, that this option might require huge capital.

Tea / Coffee Import-Export

The most drank beverage in the world after water, tea / coffee is preferred almost everywhere around the world. India and China being the biggest exporters of tea, you can import in one of the finest tea in the world to your country. If you are in India or China, you can export it to other countries.

Organic Food

Organic products have a huge demand in the global market. You can start to cultivate without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The organic food export industry is growing rapidly across the market of European Union, US, Canada, Switzerland, Korea, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Southeast Asian countries, Middle East and South Africa.

Leather Products

While leather export and import are banned in a number of countries, the business continues to prosper. There are businesses which require leather and hence often import them from other countries. Make sure you first check all the regulations before signing up or entering into a contract.

Seafood Export

People around the world love seafood, and there are many countries which import varieties of seafood from countries like India, which have varieties of top-quality fishes, Pomfret, crabs, etc. To cater to the increasing demand for these products worldwide. Start your Small Business Export by selling seafood.

Vegetable Export:

India is one of the largest producers of vegetables such as potato, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, and these vegetables has a large requirement in neighbouring and far countries. Starting a Small Business Export with vegetables is not a big task and a profitable business.


India majorly exports sugar to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iran. The sugar mills in the country are well supported by the government. If you get yourself registered with DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade), exporting sugar is free.

Cereals & Pulses Export

The important cereals are – wheat, paddy, sorghum, millet (Bajra), barley and maize, etc. India is not only the largest producer of cereal as well as the largest exporter of cereal products in the world.

Milk & Milk Products Export

India now has indisputably the world’s biggest dairy industry — in terms of milk production. The dairy sector in India has shown remarkable development in the past decade and India has now become one of the largest producers of milk and value-added milk products in the world. 

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