Traditional Advertising Ideas

Sponsor a Radio Contest or Giveaway

One way to get your message across to radio listeners is by sponsoring a contest. Offer up one of your products as a prize or sponsor a special prize such as a cruise in exchange for the station crediting your business.

Find the Right Format for a Newspaper Ad

Newspapers are great for reaching local customers. Restaurants, bars and cafes might target the weekend entertainment pull-out section. Service providers might focus on classified ads, which are particularly cost effective. Some newspapers offer advertorial options that allow businesses to sponsor written content to educate about a solution.

Create a Magazine Ad

Magazine ads offer a great format for businesses that put a heavy emphasis on visuals. Trade magazines are valuable for businesses that cater to niche followings or specific industries.

Get Radio Stations to Broadcast Live from Your Business

Radio personalities like to set up shop at local businesses that are hosting events or other special promotions from time to time. If you can get them to come to your business, you can have them talk about all the fun your customers are having.

Create Cable or Local TV Ads

TV commercials offer another traditional ad format. Forget national networks. For small businesses, target the local news stations or cable TV to fit within your budget.

Advertise at Local Movie Theaters

Get your message across to hyper local customers when they’re likely to be paying attention: just when a movie is about to start!  Theaters offer advertising options to local businesses, to air before movie previews.

Sponsor a Trade Show or Industry Event

What if your business is focused on a specific industry or niche rather than a geographic area? Exhibiting at trade shows or sponsoring industry events is tailor made for you.

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