Online Advertising Ideas

Set Up a Google My Business Page

Google pulls information about local businesses right from the “ Google My Business ” listings. A listing is free. Add your company name, website and hours to make it easier to be found online. Trick your listing out with enticing images to invite clicks and engagement.

Purchase Search Advertising

Google AdWords or Bing Ads bring shoppers who are actively searching for particular items. These ads help your business feature prominently when people search for relevant phrases you bid on.

Use Retargeted Ads

Increase your deal close rate (conversion rate) through retargeting . Retargeted ads show up after people leave your website, and remind them to, say, go back to your ecommerce site and purchase that item they were browsing.

Sponsor Article Content

Share thought leadership content by working with blogs or online publications to publish sponsored content opportunities related to your industry.

Place Banner Ads on a Local or Industry Website

Create visually focused online ads, like banner or sidebar display ads, and then place them on sites relevant to your business. These are usually sold at a flat fee or per-impression rate, such as $10 per thousand impressions.

Don’t Forget Business Listings

Having your business listed on relevant online directories can be a major benefit. Some directories are free, but may also offer paid options to increase visibility.

Sponsor Products on Ecommerce Platforms

If you sell products on large ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay or Etsy, you can pay to boost the visibility of offerings so they’ll be more likely to show up in customers’ searches.

Engage Through Native Online Ads

Native online ads are ads that fit with the style and functionality of the other content of the website where they’re featured. For example, if you want to advertise on a site that offers video content, you could create a short video ad that fits seamlessly into the design of the site.

Sponsor an Online Contest or Giveaway

Some online publications or influencers offer giveaways or similar contests to their followers. Offer up product or contribute toward a special prize such as the latest hot smartphone, to get attention for your business. The cost can be as little as a few hundred dollars.

Trade Website Space with Other Small Businesses

If you’re low on cash for online ads, perhaps you could trade some space on your own website or in your email newsletter with another business that has an overlapping target market.

Start an Email Newsletter

Send promotions to customers via email. Get your customers to sign up for updates by offering exclusive discounts, early access or other incentives.

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