Line Graph represents relation between two variables. Plot a line graph in R We shall learn to plot a line graph in R programming language with the help of plot() function. Syntax of plot() function plot(x, y, …) where x is any R object with a plot method. Ex : numeric vector y isContinue Reading

Pie Chart is a pictorial representation of proportions in a whole as sectors in a circle. Draw Pie Chart in R programming language R programming language provides two functions – pie() and pie3d() to draw pie charts. Syntax of R pie function pie(x, labels = NULL, edges = 200, radiusContinue Reading

What is R Data Visualization? Using the diverse functionalities provided by R, one can create visually appealing data visualizations with only a few lines of code. Data visualization is an efficient technique of gaining insights about data through a visual medium. With the help of visualization techniques, humans can easilyContinue Reading

What is Object-Oriented Programming? Object-oriented programming is a programming technique that manages the complexity of a program more efficiently. It uses techniques like abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism. It enacts an environment where the tasks are distributed among the different parts of the program or ‘objects’. These objects hide their internal working from other objects and onlyContinue Reading

The xlsx is a file extension of a spreadsheet file format which was created by Microsoft to work with Microsoft Excel. In the present era, Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program that sores data in the .xls or .xlsx format. R allows us to read data directly fromContinue Reading

R CSV Files We shall learn R functions to : R Read CSV Files R Process CSV Files R Write CSV Files Example of a CSV File, that we use in the examples going forward, is given below :sampleCSV.csv sampleCSV.csv Andrew,28,25.2 Mathew,23,10.5 Dany,49,11 Philip,29,21.9 John,38,44 Bing,23,11.5 Monica,29,45 You may refer RContinue Reading

R data reshaping is all about changing the way in which data is organized into rows and columns. Most of the time data processing in R is done by taking the input data as a data frame. Also, extracting data from the rows and columns of a data frame isContinue Reading

R Strings Single quotes or double quotes are used to represent Strings in R programming language. We shall learn rules to write a String, embed special characters in it, and some of the common operations like concatenation of two strings, finding length of string, etc. Rules to write R StringsContinue Reading

Introduction to List of R Packages A package in R programming language is a unit that provides required functionalities that can be utilized by loading it into the R environment. A list of R Packages is similar to a library in C, C++ or Java. So, essentially, a package can have numerous functionalities like functions, constants,Continue Reading

Introduction to R Packages R packages are a set of predefined functions as a library to be used while deploying the R program to care reusability and less code approach R programs. R packages are externally developed and can be imported to the R environment in order to use theContinue Reading