In this tutorial, we will cover the concept of copy and view, for ndarray in the NumPy library. In Numpy, using the copy() and view() functions, we can create a new copy of any existing array or create a new view for the array. Let us take a look at what is the majorContinue Reading

The overflow property specifies the behavior that occurs when an element’s content overflows (doesn’t fit) the element’s box. Handling Overflowing Content There may be a situation when the content of an element might be larger than the dimensions of the box itself. For example given width and height properties didContinue Reading

Description The cursor CSS property specifies the type of cursor to be displayed when the pointer is placed over an element. The following table summarizes the usages context and the version history of this property. Default value: auto Applies to: All elements Inherited: Yes Animatable: No. See animatable properties. Version: CSS 2, 3 SyntaxContinue Reading

CSS Margin Properties The CSS margin properties allow you to set the spacing around the border of an element’s box (or the edge of the element’s box, if it has no defined border). An element’s margin is not affected by its background-color, it is always transparent. However, if the parent elementContinue Reading

CSS Padding Properties The CSS padding properties allow you to set the spacing between the content of an element and its border (or the edge of the element’s box, if it has no defined border). The padding is affected by the element’s background-color. For instance, if you set the background colorContinue Reading

CSS have property height and width which is used to set respectively height and width of the HTML element. The padding defined is setted inside the element with already set height and width. This element has 50% width and 150px height. CSS height/width values Values Description auto Browser automatically calculate the height/width.This is default.Continue Reading

List is an effective way to present similarly related data. List can be ordered or unordered. Ordered list shows list contents using numbers while unordered list shows list content using bullets. In CSS we have following list properties to style list: CSS list-style-type This allows the user to change the shape of bulletsContinue Reading

CSS provides us the ability to style the text using its text formatting properties. Some of its text formatting properties are : CSS text color CSS text align CSS text shadow CSS text direction CSS text indent CSS text decoration CSS text transform CSS word spacing CSS letter spacing CSS whiteContinue Reading

Interactive prompt The interactive prompt is the easiest way to run your Python programs – simply type the code in this command-line interface. To start the interactive prompt, type python from the Windows command prompt or Linux shell and press Enter:  If the python program can’t be located, you need to enter the full path to the program or add its directory inContinue Reading