Introduction to PHP

PHP is also known as Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is an open source and server-side scripting language, which is mainly used for developing web applications. The syntax of PHP language is similar to the C language. PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf and it first appeared in 1995. PHP is being widely used in developing web applications and become one of the major languages for the developers to create new applications.

Main Components of PHP are as follow:

In the Above Section, we have studied about Introduction to PHP, So now we are going ahead with the main components of PHP are as below:

  • MVC architecture: PHP mainly works on model view architecture that helps in managing the code and separate the model, view and controller files. It helps in connecting the database very easily and the changes can be done easily without affecting other file or module.
  • Frameworks: PHP has different frameworks that are Aura, Yii, Symfony, Laravel, and Zend. The frameworks help in achieving the neat and clean code, manageable and make the development easier for the developers.
  • Web Server: PHP is mainly worked on web server software, and used the Apache server.
  • Database: PHP can be used with any database but it is being mainly used with MySQL.
  • PHP Parser: Parser helps in parsing the PHP instructions to HTML code and then send it to a web browser to display the content.
  • Autosuggest: In this introduction to PHP, the components are ready to use to implement the search form with an autosuggest feature using PHP and database MySQL.
  • Filters: In PHP, Filters are used to validate the data using filter function. This filter function helps in checking the invalid input that has been submitted to avoid the security problem and break of web pages.
  • System Functions: In PHP, the system functions are performed to open the file. It also helps in creating, reading and writing the file as well.
  • Handle forms: In PHP, the forms are handled and able to get the data from files, save the data, sending the email and return data to a user. PHP can encrypt the data and able to access and set the cookie variable. With the help of PHP, a developer can restrict the user to access the pages.

Characteristics of PHP

As we discussed the introduction to PHP now we are going to learn about the characteristics of python which are as below:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is efficient and able to connect the database and load the application faster.
  • It provides more security to the web application with help of using PHP frameworks.
  • It is more familiar for the developers and online support is being provided for the beginners.
  • It shows flexibility and ability to get integrated with another programming language.
  • It is open source and free of cost.
  • It is lightweight and number of frameworks available to use for developing the web application.
  • It helps in achieving the development of web application quickly.

Application Based on PHP

PHP is being used widely in developing the web-based and other applications across all the domains. For some of the technology based on which PHP applications are developed listed below:

  • Content Management System
  • Web-based applications and development of web pages
  • E-commerce websites and applications.
  • Data Analytics and Representation
  • Processing of Images.
  • Graphical User interface design based applications.
  • Developing the features of Flash
  • Graphic designing.
  • Small enterprise applications.
  • School and college websites.
  • Conversion of files into other.
  • Small video games.

Advantages And Disadvantages of PHP

As we have already learned about the Introduction to PHP, So let us know about the advantages and disadvantages of PHP

Advantages of PHP

  • The most important advantage of PHP is that it is open source and free of cost. It can be downloaded anywhere and readily available to use for the development of web applications.
  • It is platform independent. PHP based applications can run on any operating system like UNIX, Linux and windows, etc.
  • The PHP based application can easily be loaded and connected to the database. It is mainly used because of its faster rate of loading over the slow internet and speed than another programming language.
  • It has less learning curve, as it is simple and easy to use. If an individual knows C programming can easily work on PHP.
  • It is more stable from many years with the help of providing continuous support to the different versions.
  • It helps in reusing the same code and no need to write the lengthy code and complex structure for the development of web applications.
  • It helps in managing the code easily.
  • It has powerful library support to use the different function modules for data representation.
  • PHP’s built-in database connection modules help in connecting the database easily reduce the effort and time for development of web applications and content based sites.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • It is not that secure because of its open-source, as the source code can be easily available.
  • It is not suitable for large content-based web applications.
  • It has a weak type, which may lead to incorrect data and information to the user.
  • PHP frameworks need to learn to use the PHP built-in functionalities to avoid writing additional code.
  • Using more features of PHP framework and tools lead to poor performance of the web applications.
  • PHP do not allow the change or modification in core behavior of the web applications.
  • The PHP frameworks are not the same in behavior so does their performance and features.

PHP is the most widely used programming and server-side scripting language for the development of web-based applications. Overall overview, components, characteristics, applications, advantages, and disadvantages are described above in this introduction to PHP post. In some area, PHP is the best like for developing small applications and for the developers having financial issues. They can easily use this language, which is readily available and develop the application based on their requirements. Introduction to PHP is being popular language having great online support and community to help for the beginners. It is purely based on the trends or requirement for which programming language individual has to go for the development of any application.

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