Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Cloud computing is low in cost and affordable because we get the bills as per the usage.
  • The storage and maintenance of a large amount of information or data are possible.
  • The cloud computing is very flexible.
  • It provides high security.
  • The option of data recovery is available.
  • Data can be managed easily.
  • It has the automatic update option.


  • Along with the advantages, it also has some disadvantages and they are as follows:
  • One of the disadvantages of the cloud computing is that it is risky.
  • It requires the continuous internet connection and has the migration issue.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing:-

Low Cost: To run cloud technology, users don’t require high power computer & technology as because the application will run on the cloud and not on users’ PC.

Storage capacity: The Cloud storage capacity is unlimited & generally offers a huge storage capacity of 2000-3000 GBs or more based on the requirement.

Low cost of IT infrastructure: As discussed earlier, the investment will be less if an organization uses Cloud technology; even the IT staffs and server engineers are also not required.

Increase computing power: Cloud servers have a very high-capacity of running and processing tasks as well as the processing of applications.

Reduce Software Costs: Cloud minimizes the software costs as users don’t need to purchase software for organizations or every computer.

Updating: Instant software update is possible & users don’t have to face the choice problem between obsolete & high-upgrade software.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing:-

Internet speed: Cloud technology requires high-speed internet connection as web-based applications often require large bandwidth amount.

Constant Internet Connection: Its impossible to use cloud infrastructure without the internet. To access any application or cloud storage, a constant internet connection is required.

Security: Data storage might not be secure. With cloud computing, all the data gets stored in the cloud & hence unauthorized user may gain access to user’s data in the cloud.

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