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Pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, staplers, crayons, rulers, compass, notebooks, notepads, stick – on, notice boards, boards, et al are essentials that are used by students and teachers alike in schools hence it is safe to classify stationery manufacturing business as part of the business opportunities available in the education industry. If you are looking for a business to start in the education industry, you should consider going into the production of stationeries; there is a large market for this type of business.

List of niche ideas within this particular business that one can specialize in

The stationery industry is one that involves the use of paper, writing equipment, envelopes and invitations in order to communicate with one another. It has been particularly useful in schools, offices, hospitals and other places where paper documentations are kept for official and other purposes.

However, even though this is a very important industry, it has been experiencing decline especially as there has been increased dependence on digital correspondence by consumers. Operators in this industry have sought for ways to retain a hold in the industry and have therefore chosen to look for niches that will make their businesses stand out.

Therefore, some of the major niche areas where some stationery businesses may decide to focus on are;

  • Office stationery
  • Educational stationery
  • Envelopes
  • Invitations
  • Writing tablets and other supplies

Economic Analysis

The stationery business is one that involves a wide range of materials which include paper and office supplies, greeting cards, writing implements, pencil cases, glue as well as other similar items. Operators in the industry perform a variety of functions such as buying raw materials, converting the raw materials to stationery materials and selling these products in wholesale or retail to those who need them.

The stationery industry has been facing a decline especially as the economy is becoming more digitalized, thereby causing an intense vertical competition between the traditional form of communication (paper-based correspondence) and the modern form of communication (e-mails and other online correspondences).

Most of the techniques that are employed by the industry in order to produce the overall product include embossing, letterpress printing, thermographic printing as well as engraving. These products are used as office and educational stationeries, for special occasions as well as for specialized invitations.

Marketing ideas and strategies

Having the right marketing ideas and strategies for your stationery business is important as you not only generate revenue for your business through marketing but you also get to create awareness for your business to your target market. Marketing is also very important as it helps you to understand what it is your clients want and also what strategies that can allow you to stand out and compete favorably against your competitors whilst penetrating your intended market.

Before you can craft the right marketing strategies for your business, you should endeavor to carry out a market research about your intended market. This market research will help you understand your intended target market; know what it is they expect from you and what you should expect from them as well.

It is after gathering the necessary data and information that you can then draft the right marketing strategies for your business. Knowing the marketing strategies that suit your business is important as it will allow you save cost and resources than if you were just trying out methods as you go.

Another importance of conducting a market research is that it helps you know what amount to set aside in running your marketing campaigns. As an entrepreneur, knowing the right resources you will need to fully start and run your business is very important as this means you will not spend aimlessly.

Below therefore are some of the marketing ideas and strategies you will need in order to run your stationery business successfully;

  • Ensure that you introduce your stationery business to corporate clients and other stakeholders in the industry by sending a letter introducing your business as well as attaching a brochure that has your contact information and rates
  • Engage in direct marketing by empowering your marketing executives
  • Tell your loyal customers to help spread the word about your business
  • Ensure that you advertise your business in newspapers and magazines as well as on radio and television stations
  • Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin to advertise and promote your stationery business
  • Distribute handbills and fliers in strategic locations

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