Wumpus World in AI

The Wumpus world is a game playing which provides an environment to the knowledge-based agent to showcase its stored knowledge. It was developed by Gregory Yob in 1973.

About the game: 

  • It is a single-player game.
  • It is a cave consisting of rooms which are connected with one-another via passways.
  • There is a beast or monster in the game named Wumpus, lurking somewhere the cave.
  • Wumpus eats everyone who tries to enter the cave.
  • The player needs to kill the Wumpus.
  • The player has only one arrow to shoot out the monster.
  • There are some rooms containing bottomless pits which may trap anyone whoever wanders in the room.
  • The goal of the game is to search for a heap of gold.
The Wumpus World

PEAS Description of the Wumpus World

  • Performance Measure: The player is awarded with the following utilities:
  • (+1000): It is for coming out of the cave safely with the gold.
  • (-1000): It is for falling into the pit or if eaten by the Wumpus.
  • (-1): It is for each action taken by the player.
  • (-10): It is for raising the arrow up.

The game ends if the player comes out of the cave safely or dies.

1) Environment: The environment provided in the Wumpus world is as follows:

  • It is a 4X4 grid of rooms.
  • The player always starts in the square labeled [1,1] and facing towards the right.
  • Location of the monster and the gold is choosen randomly in a uniform distribution.
  • Remember, the location chosen will never be the starting point.
  • Each square room other than the starting one can be a pit with 0.2 probability.

2) Actuators: The player performs the following actions:

  • The agent can move forward or TurnLeft by 900 and TurnRight by 900.
  • The player dies if he enters a room having a pit or alive monster. It is safe to enter the room if the Wumpus is dead.
  • If the player will try to move forward and bumps into the wall, then the player will not move.
  • Using the action Grab, the player can pick up the gold in the same room.
  • Using the action Shoot, the player can shoot the monster with the arrow. Either the arrow will shoot the  monster or will hit on the wall.
  • The action Climb is used to come out of the cave but only from the square [1,1].

3) Sensors: The player is provided with five sensors, which gives a single bit of information:

  • The player will perceive a Stench, if Wumpus is present in the room which is directly adjacent to the player.
  • The player will perceive a Breeze, if in the square is directly adjacent to the pit.
  • The player will perceive a Glitter, if in the square gold is present.
  • The player will perceive a Bump, when the player walks into the wall.

When the player will shoot out the monster, it will emit a scary Scream which can be heard/perceived from anywhere in the cave.

Modern technologies use The Wumpus World technique for developing new trending games

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