Tkinter askretrycancel (Display a Retry/Cancel Dialog )

Introduction to the Tkinter askretrycancel() function

Sometimes, the application performs a task but fails to do so because of an error.

For example, you may want to connect to a database server. However, the database server is currently not reachable. It may be offline for a short period of time.

In this case, you can display a confirmation dialog that allow users to reconnect to the database or just keep the application as is.

To display the Retry/Cancel dialog, you can use the askretrycancel() function:

answer = askretrycancel(title, message, **options)Code language: Python (python)

The askretrycancel() function returns True if the Retry button is clicked. If the Cancel button is clicked, it returns False.

Tkinter askretrycancel() function example

The following program shows a button that simulates a bad database connection:

If you click the button, it’ll show a Retry/Cancel dialog saying that the database server is not reachable. It’ll also request you to reconnect to the database server:

If you click the Retry button, it’ll show a dialog indicating that the program is attempting to reconnect to the database server.


import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import ttk
from tkinter.messagebox import askretrycancel, showinfo

# create the root window
root = tk.Tk()
root.title('Tkinter OK/Retry Dialog')

# click event handler
def confirm():
    answer = askretrycancel(
        title='Connection Issue',
        message='The database server is unreachable. Do you want to retry?'
    if answer:
            message='Attempt to connect to the database again.')

    text='Connect to the Database Server',

# start the app
Code language: Python (python)


  • Use the askretrycancel() function to display a Retry/Cancel dialog to confirm users to carry an operation again.
  • The askretrycancel() function returns True if the Retry button is clicked. If the Cancel button is clicked, it returns False.
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