The Concept of CGI CGI is an abbreviation for Common Gateway Interface. It is not a type of language but a set of rules (specification) that establishes a dynamic interaction between a web application and the client application (or the browser). The programs based on CGI helps in communicating betweenContinue Reading

A regular expression is a set of characters with highly specialized syntax that we can use to find or match other characters or groups of characters. In short, regular expressions, or Regex, are widely used in the UNIX world. Import the re Module The re-module in Python gives full supportContinue Reading

Introduction to the Python regular expressions Regular expressions (called regex or regexp) specify search patterns. Typical examples of regular expressions are the patterns for matching email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers. Regular expressions are essentially a specialized programming language embedded in Python. And you can interact with regularContinue Reading

For Loop in C Language: A for loop is a repetition control structure that allows you to efficiently write a loop that needs to execute a specific number of times. The for loop is used to iterate the statements or a part of the program several times. It is frequently used to traverse theContinue Reading

Switch Statements in C Language: The switch is a keyword, by using the switch keyword we can create selection statements with multiple blocks. Multiple blocks can be constructed by using a “case” keyword. Switch case statements are a substitute for long if statements that compare a variable to several integralContinue Reading

Nested if-else statements in C Language: When an if-else statement is present inside the body of another “if” or “else” then this is called nested if-else. Nested ‘if’ statements are used when we want to check for a condition only when a previous dependent condition is true or false. C allows us to nested if statements within if statements, i.e. we can place an if statementContinue Reading

If Else statements in C Language with Examples In this article, I am going to discuss If Else Statements in C Language with Examples i.e. how if and if-else block gets executed with the help of syntax, flow chart, and multiple examples. Please read our previous articles, where we discussed the basicsContinue Reading

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