If we want to execute a group of statements multiple times then we should go for Iterative statements. Here, we will discuss 4 types of Python Loop: Python For Loop Python While Loop Python Loop Control Statements Nested For Loop in Python While Loop: A while loop in python iteratesContinue Reading

Conditional Statements An if statement in python takes an expression with it. If the expression amounts to True, then the block of statements under it is executed. If it amounts to False, then the block is skipped and control transfers to the statements after the block. Syntax: if condition: #Continue Reading

LIST OF INBUILT INT, CHAR VALIDATION FUNCTIONS IN C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: “ctype.h” header file support all the below functions in C language. Click on each function name below for detail description and example programs. Functions Description isalpha() checks whether character is alphabetic isdigit() checks whether character is digit isalnum() Checks whetherContinue Reading

The arithmetic function is used for the arithmetic purpose in C Language C programming language contains a lot of header files for various purposes. One of the header file  #include<math.h>, is used to perform mathematical operations in a program called math function or arithmetic function Some of the examples of arithmeticContinue Reading

C language permits the usage of limited input and output functions to read and write data. These functions are used for only smaller volumes of data and it becomes difficult to handle longer data volumes. Also the entire data is lost when the program is over.  To overcome these difficultiesContinue Reading

C PREPROCESSOR DIRECTIVES: Before a C program is compiled in a compiler, source code is processed by a program called preprocessor. This process is called preprocessing. Commands used in preprocessor are called preprocessor directives and they begin with “#” symbol. Below is the list of preprocessor directives that C programmingContinue Reading

In C programming language, typedef is a keyword used to create alias name for the existing datatypes. Using typedef keyword we can create a temporary name to the system defined datatypes like int, float, char and double. we use that temporary name to create a variable. The general syntax of typedef is as follows…Continue Reading

Structure Definition:- A Group of data items of different data types stored in continuous memory locations is known as a Structure. struct:-  It is a keyword which is used to declare a structure. Declaration of structure: Form 1:- struct struct_name { data item-1; data item-2; ———— ———— data item-n; };Continue Reading

C language requires the no of elements in an array to  be specified at compile time.But we may not be able to do so always our initial judgement of size,if it is wrong,it make cause failure of the program (or) wastage of the memory space.In this situation we use DynamicContinue Reading

C provides the important feature of data manipulations with the address of the variables, the execution time is very much reduced such concept is possible with the special data type called Pointers. Pointer:- A pointer is a variable which stores the address of another variable. Declaration:-Pointer declaration is similar toContinue Reading