The Concept of CGI CGI is an abbreviation for Common Gateway Interface. It is not a type of language but a set of rules (specification) that establishes a dynamic interaction between a web application and the client application (or the browser). The programs based on CGI helps in communicating betweenContinue Reading

A regular expression is a set of characters with highly specialized syntax that we can use to find or match other characters or groups of characters. In short, regular expressions, or Regex, are widely used in the UNIX world. Import the re Module The re-module in Python gives full supportContinue Reading

Introduction to the Python regular expressions Regular expressions (called regex or regexp) specify search patterns. Typical examples of regular expressions are the patterns for matching email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers. Regular expressions are essentially a specialized programming language embedded in Python. And you can interact with regularContinue Reading

Nested While Loop in C Programming Language: Writing while loop inside another while loop is called nested while loop or you can say defining one while loop inside another while loop is called nested while loop. That is why nested loops are also called “loops inside the loop”. There can beContinue Reading

Translators in Programming Languages In this article, I am going to discuss What is a Translator and its need in Programming Languages. What is a Translator? Always the user’s given instructions are in English, which is called source code. But the computer is not able to understand this source code and theContinue Reading

Display a bar chart from matplotlib in Tkinter applications Matplotlib is a third-party library for creating professional visualizations in Python. Since Matplotlib is a third-party library, you need to install it before use. To install the matplotlib package, you can use the following pip command: pip install matplotlibCode language: Python (python) The following programContinue Reading

Introduction to the Tkinter validation Tkinter validation relies on the three options that you can use for any input widget such as Entry widget: validate The validate command can be one of the following string values: ‘focus’ Validate whenever the widget gets or loses focus ‘focusin’ Validate whenever the widget gets focus. ‘focusout’ ValidateContinue Reading

Introduction to Tkinter MVC As your application grows, its complexity also increases. To make the application more manageable, you can use the model-view-controller design pattern. The MVC design pattern allows you to divide the application into three main components: model, view, and controller. This structure helps you focus on theContinue Reading