Multi-Dimensional Array in C Language: An array of arrays is called a multi-dimensional array. In simple words, an array created with more than one dimension (size) is called a multi-dimensional array. The multi-dimensional array can be of a two-dimensional array or three-dimensional array or four-dimensional array or more.  Syntax: type name[size1][size2]…[sizeN];Example: intContinue Reading

One Dimensional Array in C: One dimensional array is an array that has only one subscript specification that is needed to specify a particular element of an array. A one-dimensional array is a structured collection of components (often called array elements) that can be accessed individually by specifying the positionContinue Reading

What are Arrays in C? The array is defined as a collection of similar data elements. If you have some sets of integers, and some sets of floats, you can group them under one name as an array. Method of declaring an array If you want an integer-type array, let’sContinue Reading