Tableau – Area Chart

Tableau is a very powerful data visualization tool that can be used by data analysts, scientists, statisticians, etc. to visualize the data and get a clear opinion based on the data analysis. Tableau is very famous as it can take in data and produce the required data visualization output in a very short time.

Area charts in Tableau

An area chart represents the change in one or more quantities over time. It is made by plotting a series of data points over time, connecting those data points with line segments, and then filling in the area between the line and the x-axis with color or shading. 

Dataset used in the given examples is Dataset.

 For this, we have to open the worksheet first. Follow the steps below and open the worksheet :

  1. Open Tableau tool and connect a dataset into it.
  2. Drag and drop the one sheet of the connected dataset.
  3. Click on sheet1 to open the tableau worksheet.
  4. On clicking Sheet1 you will get whole dataset attributes on the left side and a worksheet for work.

To draw an area chart you have to select minimum two attributes( one in row and one in column) by dragging and dropping. Then select the chart option as Area.

Example 1:

Example 2:

  • Select the Order Date and profit fields as column and row respectively.
  • Select the chart type area chart.
  • Apply marks by color of Subcategory. (Drag and drop Subcategory on color in marks section)

Example 3:

  • Select the Order Date and profit  with discount fields as column and row respectively.
  • In columns, drag and drop Order Date three times, so that it can be divided into yearly first, each year is divided into quarterly results and each quarter is divided into monthly result.
  • Select the chart type as area chart.
  • Apply marks by color of Market. (Drag and drop Market on color in marks section)
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