Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce IoT Cloud

IoT Cloud is a platform from Salesforce. Salesforce is designed to store and process IoT data. It is powered by Thunder. Thunder is an event processing engine designed to capture, filter, and respond to events in real-time.

The Salesforce IoT platform is designed to absorb a large amount of data generated by sensors, devices, websites, packages, customers, and partners. It initiates actions for real-time responses.

Benefits of Salesforce IoT

There are following benefits of Salesforce IoT:

  • It easily creates corporate policies to activate actions that correspond to specific device activities.
  • It generates data directly for the Salesforce packages and moves all utilities. It also creates custom outlets for the products.
  • It contextualizes the tool activities in real-time with a good judgment of the commercial company.
  • It collects information about tools in unique user profiles to create revenue triggers, operators, and advertising triggers at the individual level.
  • It creates a complete view of customers, along with the information on product usage, purchasing patterns, opportunities, and more.
  • It automatically creates service-request from a repair order.
  • Applications-Automatic inventory inspections.

Electric Imp

The Electric Imp platform allows us to connect devices to the cloud via wifi. Develop packages through the Squirrel language (a high level, object-oriented, light-weight scripting language). The package consists of two modules: the tool module that runs on the tool, and the agent module that runs within the electric powered Imp cloud. The platform facilitates communication between modules and sends gadget messages with a simple call.

agent.send("message_name", data);
Listen to the messages in the agent with the following code:
device.on("message_name", function(data)
//Data operations
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