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Painting is an art that many of us are equipped with but not many of us do care to use that art and turn it into a money making profession. The present generation time is the best time when you make your hobbies into your profession. If you probably do not have a permanent 9 to 5 job then it is time for you to utilize your skills in painting and earn good money in return. People these days do like to have elegant paintings inside their office and house and they are ready to pay the price you quote to them.

Painting is not limited to canvas but if you move a bit ahead then there are many other forms like wallpaper making, designing walls, decorating drawing room walls with special effects, and night roofs with designs for children, etc. But for all this you need to start from the scratch and display your talent to the world that will buy your work. If you are a passionate painter and want to earn some bucks by going professional then do read this article.

How to Start a Painting Business?

The first thing you need to do is to recollect yourself and give a thought about your skills. Do know what you know all about painting. Try to do some rough paintings to reflect at your skill and based on the feedback do some course correction. Even if you are good in your painting skills take a professional course for painting or an internship in order to sharpen your skills and to get an idea of how a professional painting business works. If you do not have experience in painting then you need to focus several important aspects like:

  • Painting on various platforms like canvas, wallpapers, walls, etc.
  • Know how to mix colors for best results.
  • Know about special effects that make a painting look professional.
  • Have some special and extra skills to out number others.
  • Know how to market your skill to the world.

A professional painting course will do all of the above for you therefore do register to a decent painting course to get good on the above points.

Types of Paintings Business

There are various methods and techniques of paintings that one can try based on their specialization. You can also hire artists who are specialist in their field of art. Some of the painting types are:

  • Oil Paintings: Oil painting is a 5th century painting art used by Indian and Chinese Artists and later became popular in 15th
  • Watercolor Painting: Watercolor painting is one of the most common painting techniques that has huge market in the world.
  • Pastel Painting: It is done on canvas using pastel sticks and can be immediately drawn.
  • Acrylic Painting: It is one of the most sought after painting because it dries easily and is water resistant.
  • Mural Painting: It is a type of painting that is directly applied on wall, ceiling or any other permanent surface. The paintings are created on large canvases which are later put on the wall.

Make a Strategy for your Painting Business

You need to make a strategy for your painting business after you have acquired the required professional skills. You need to start your business in the painting field where you master yourself. Like if you are excellent in a particular type of painting then your business should be focusing on that only for initial phase. After this you need to arrange the required items to start your business.

Buy Painting Equipment

For a professional business it is necessary that you are equipped with all the latest equipment by which you will start your painting business. In a limited budget you can have all the necessary items of painting with you. Do not compromise with the quality of your painting material. Also, if you can afford you should also try to use modern mechanism of painting. This includes painting using computer software, painting on different types of material, etc.

Register Your Business

A registered business with a brand name always have multiple benefits. Art items have good impact if you have built your own brand. You can build your brand on your business name or on the particular type of art you sell. Registering your business will also help in future as your business will grow.

Get Painters on Board and Expand Your Business

As your business sees a start you need to progress and for this you need to add quality, quantity and variety in your business. Hire painters and artists who are well versed in different forms of art and painting. Use their skills to sell your product and have mutual benefits. When you have artists from different circles then you have a broad market which eventually helps you in building a brand. Do not compromise on quality but also do not hesitate to take risks and do experiment as it may prove to benefit you later on.

Setup Your Painting Market

Setting up your painting market requires hard work. You need to meet with like minds who are also in this business. You need to make a network of such people who are in this business. In starting you may have to supply your paintings to another seller who has a market so in return you can earn some initial amount.

The important point to make your own painting business is to market yourself and make a brand for your own painting business. For this you can hire a marketing expert that can directly make your reach the global audience through various ways mentioned below.

Reach Global Audience Through:

Traditional Ways: You need to network with art exhibition organizers who can allow you to showcase your paintings in their art gallery. This is the most traditional way of selling your paintings. Apart from this, you can also network with other such artists who have regular customers. They can also introduce your paintings to the customers which can give you a market.

Through E-Commerce Websites: You can also sell your paintings on famous e-commerce websites. You can just register to their website and go for the sell your product option and after following the mechanism you can become a part of the large e-com industry. This is one of the best means to sell your merchandise as it involves a huge market with direct clients which means direct profit. Apart from them, you can make your own website on your brand name and use digital marketing options to boost up your presence.

Making your Presence on Social Media: People on social media are always keen to look for things they like and they get associated with it. There are many pages on social media that are liked by people across the globe that deals with something unique and interesting for the people. You can also make your own page by your brand name on various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and post pictures of your paintings. You can also add details of your paintings and then invite them to buy by offering them attractive discounts.

A direct connect with your customer is one of the best ways to boost your business as it instills trust in customers for your work. The last method of advertisement is word of mouth. Compel your buyers to an extent with your work that they cannot stop themselves from praising your work. A word of mouth is the most trusted method of marketing which works very quickly.

Other Types of Paintings

  • Abstract Painting
  • Landscape Painting
  • Indian Painting
  • Chinese Painting
  • Japanese Painting
  • Still Life Painting
  • Ancient Painting

Advantage of Painting Business:

Painting is an art and so it is a passion. But when you turn it into a profession it become lot more interesting and challenging. Here are some great advantages of Painting business.

  • You are not required to invest much in this business unlike any other business where you need a capital, investment, product, raw material, technology, employees, etc.
  • With a small investment you can turn this business into a profit venture.
  • What you need more when your passion starts yielding you money in return. You only need painting skills to earn profits.
  • Painting business has a huge market throughout the world. People are interested in buying different styles of painting for showcase.
  • Painting business can be part time business where you don’t need any office or professional methods of business.
  • You can maximize your business within no time and have many employees working for you yielding you huge profits.
  • You can expand your market later on with time. From canvas painting you can switch to mural paintings, watercolor painting and many other forms of painting by hiring artists.
  • It’s just another method of employment and a great source of earning.

With so many advantages do not stop yourself from showcasing your art. Do not feel embarrassed of what people will think about your painting. Just give it a try, improve on weakness and strive for excellence. In no time your passion will turn into a business with great returns.

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