Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Add Signage to Your Location

The area right outside your store or business is super valuable. Make sure to follow any local zoning rules and then add a well-lit and visible sign that advertises your business favorably.

Use Human Billboards

To call attention to your business from the street corner, hire a human billboard or a sign spinner service such as AArrow Sign Spinners .  Sign spinners are people who stands on the corner with a sign, usually paid hourly. Check local ordinances to see what is permissible.

Purchase Billboard Space

To get your message in front of local customers, you can purchase space on a local billboard. This is especially relevant for drive-by businesses, like restaurants or convenience stores.

Advertise with Digital Outdoor Signage

Some cities or popular landmarks have signs with rotating digital advertising messages. Add targeted punch by advertising in the vicinity of conventions or events that attract your target audience.

Wrap Your Vehicle

If your business has vehicles that take you to service appointments, like plumbing or HVAC trucks, you can buy vehicle wraps that turn your mode of transportation into a mobile advertisement.  Better yet, park your wrapped vehicle prominently in front of your place of business when it’s not in use.

Advertise in Unconventional Places

Finally, no collection of small business advertising ideas would be complete without something you might not typically think of. So consider physical ads in unusual spots. This could include ads inside elevators or near escalators. You can even buy ads on shopping carts at your community grocery store.

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