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Makeup artists bring out the cosmetic “best” in their clients, making wedding days and photography shoots glamorous events. While makeup retail businesses can rely on a steady stream of clients, the makeup artist works solo. The need for a makeup artist may be seasonal and occasional, making it difficult for the professional to find steady work at times. To overcome this obstacle and make a good income, these small business owners should introduce their business into new avenues.

1.Create a model portfolio of 20 to 30 faces. Ask friends and family members to “model” makeup for you, then follow up the session with a photograph. Seek women of different hair colors, eye colors and skin types. Demonstrate your ability to master different looks. Have the portfolio ready for any potential clients.

2. Use professional grade makeup products when practicing your art. Don’t use subpar makeup that anyone can access and apply. Using exclusive products makes your work more desirable to clients.

3. Ask for referrals from friends and satisfied customers. Offer customers a small discount or gift for providing you with the names and phone numbers of five friends. Call these contacts and introduce yourself. Request permission to email them links of your work or make an appointment to show off your skills.

4. Approach wedding and photography studios and offer your services as a makeup artist. Show your portfolio, pointing out any bridal photos, and leave your professional business cards with the coordinator. Talk to modeling schools and give prices for your services. Call back in one week to answer questions and check the status of your request.

5. Network with women’s groups such as church ministries and rotary clubs. Pitch makeup party ideas or offer to teach classes on makeup artistry for a fee. Leave colorful brochures or a flyer with the chairperson. Follow up on contacts in a week and answer any questions the party may have.

6. Make online videos of some of your work, showing basic tips and techniques. Posting films will help establish you as a professional makeup artist and show off your style. Put links up on social networking sites to attract potential customers.

7. Start a makeup blog and post daily makeup tips, product reviews and ideas on the site. Answer questions, respond to comments and post lots of pictures of your work. Leave contact information on the site for potential customers to reach you.

8. Seek additional training and licensing to make your makeup artistry business more marketable. Consider taking special effects courses or complementary classes on hair styling or skin care.

Who is the target market?

While people of all genders and ages may want your services, your primary demographic will be young women between the ages of fifteen and thirty.

How does a makeup artist business make money?

Primarily, a makeup artist makes money by charging fixed prices for a variety of different makeup services. You may also make money by selling makeup and makeup supplies.

How much can you charge customers?

How much you can charge customers varies significantly because of the variety of services that makeup artists offer. For instance, you may offer basic makeovers for $39.99, more specialized makeovers (such as for Prom) for $59.99, and more extravagant makeovers (such as for a wedding) for $194.99. For all of your prices, be sure you have researched your local competition and are not over (or under) selling yourself.

How much profit can a makeup artist business make?

The amount of profit you can make depends on the exact number of customers you have and the exact services they request. A makeup artist performing 49 or more makeovers a week, for instance, will have a six-figure salary before taxes, though realistically, it will take time to set up a regular stream of new and returning customers.

How can you make your business more profitable?

As your business and your own experience grows, don’t be afraid to increases your prices. If it is within your skill set, try to diversify your business: being able to do both hair and makeup, for instance, makes you twice as marketable. Finally, make sure that you rotate your advertising and your services to reflect certain high seasons for makeup (such as Homecoming, Prom, and even Halloween).

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