Horizontal Farming Business

 Agriculture farm

If you have an empty land suitable for farming, you can start with an agricultural farm. Items that are demanded locally can be produced on it. Maintaining good quality can fetch you high profits.

Tree farm

A tree farm grows trees and earns money by selling them. The waiting period of earning money in this business is quite high as the growing of trees requires considerable time. This is one of the best small farm business ideas to start. This might need some maintenance cost.

Organic fertilizer production

Vermicompost or organic fertilizer production has become a household business. It does not require much investment and very easy to initiate with a little know-how of the production process.

Business of fertilizer distribution

This business is suitable for people who live in small towns or rural areas. In this business, you are required to buy fertilizers from big cities and make them available in rural areas.  This could be one of the best small agricultural business ideas to start in small towns.

Dry flower business

The business of dry flowers has flourished over the last 10 years. If you have vacant land, you can grow flowers, make them dry and sell to craft stores or hobbyists.

Mushroom farming

The business of growing mushrooms can fetch you big profits in a short period of time. It can be started with low investment and it requires less space also. Mushrooms are in great demand at hotels, restaurants, and households.

Poultry farming

The business of poultry farming has transformed into a techno-commercial industry. In the last few decades, it is one of the fastest-growing industries.  If you are looking for small farm income ideas, this could be best fit for you.

Organic greenhouse

An organic greenhouse business has good potential to grow because the demand for organically grown products has been increasing consistently. Beforehand, this business was done on small family-run farms, but with increasing demand as people are now buying land for making organic greenhouse.

Fish farming 

Commercial fish farming is a very lucrative business that can fetch a huge amount of money. With the implementation of modern techniques, production and quality can be enhanced to a great deal. This is one of the most lucrative agricultural business ideas that require moderate to high investment.

Snail farming

 Snail farming is the process of raising land snails for human consumption. Snails contain a high rate of protein, iron, low fat, and almost all the amino acids needed for the human body.  Keeping their nutrient value in mind, they are in high demand. This business opportunity demands discipline and specific knowledge of modern technology.

Fruit and Vegetable export 

You can initiate the business of exporting fruit and vegetables in which you have to collect fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and sell them internationally. For this business, you need to know the import and export policies as well as local markets. This is one of the best agriculture export business ideas to start.

Groundnut processing 

 If you can procure good quality raw material (groundnuts) for this business, you can initiate it with moderate capital. Processed groundnuts have very good market potential all over the world.

Quail farming 

 Quail farming is about raising quails for profitable eggs and meat. At the global levels, quail farming is gaining importance as it fulfills daily family nutrition demand.

Tea plantation 

 With the increasing demand for tea leaves, this business has huge potential. Tea plants typically required acidic soil and heavy rainfall, although they can be grown anywhere from sea level to high altitudes. So, if your demographic situation is suitable for growing tea, you should go in this business. This is one of the good agriculture business ideas that requires high capital.

Farming of Medicinal Herbs 

 Growing of medicinal herbs at the commercial level is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. If you possess good knowledge about the herbs and have sufficient land, you can initiate the farming of medicinal herbs.  You may need to take certain licenses from local government in the case of medicinal herb business.

Cactus arrangement

Cactus has been extensively used as a decor item, either indoor or outdoor. Many cactus plants can coexist happily in the same container. So, with a touch of creativity, you can make beautiful cactus arrangements. It is a very profitable and self-rewarding business.

Jatropha farming 

 Jatropha has been used as a raw material for producing biodiesel. It is one of the most trending small agriculture business ideas now, as very few people know about it. By doing some research and gaining some knowledge, you can easily start with this business.

Corn Farming 

Corn or maize has emerged as one of the most versatile crops that can be grown under varied climatic conditions.  Maize is known as the Queen of cereals as it has the highest genetic potential amongst the family. By implementing modern technology and good quality seeds, one can obtain a bumper crop.

Potato powder 

 potato powder is extensively used in the snack food industry. It can be used in any recipe where mashed potatoes are required. It is used as a thickener in ready to eat vegetable gravies and soups.

Soil Testing 

 Soil testing is a technique used for monitoring the nutrients present in the soil is well as for making precise fertilizer recommendations for different crops. Establishing a soil testing laboratory with Government certification is one of the best small agricultural business ideas.

Fodder farming 

The term fodder is used for the food given to domestic animals for feeding and not the food they graze by themselves. There are plants grown particularly for this purpose like barley, oats, alfalfa, etc. Fodder is used to feed animals like cows, goats, pigs, horses, etc. and always in great demand.

Rose farming

Rose is a flower with high commercial value.  It is used in flower arrangements and bouquets on a large scale. If you are interested in gardening, you can turn it into a profitable business. It can be initiated on a small piece of land.

Dairy farming

 Demand for milk and milk products can never go down. Commercial dairy farming is one of the most profitable agriculture-based business ideas. Apart from milk, it produces manure in huge quantities. Hygiene and quality should be always kept in mind while doing this business.

Spice processing 

 Organic spices are in high demand locally as well as internationally. The processing and packaging methods are not very complex and can be initiated with moderate capital.

Vegetable farming 

 If you have sufficient land and manpower, you can start with vegetable farming. Vegetables produced with good quality seeds and fertilizers yield good crops and give good returns. If you are thinking about small farm income ideas, you can shortlist this business idea.

Soya Beans Farming

 Soya bean is required to produce soya milk, soya flour, soya sauce, soya bean oil, etc. If you have small vacant land, soya bean farming can be initiated to convert it into a profitable business.

Horticulture crop farming 

Horticulturists produce fruits, plants, and vegetables, flowers in greenhouses, and nurseries with highly specialized knowledge. The selection of the crops and method is very important in this business.

Potato chip production

It is a small-scale industry based on making potato chips and french-fries. The demand for potato chips and french-fries as an FMCG is increasing steadily in the global market. This is one of the most profitable small agricultural business ideas to start with low to medium capital.

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