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Many a time people are hesitant to have processed food in India, these individuals would much rather eat home-cooked items.

These home-cooked items for example Pickles, Paapad, Biscuits, Sauces, Jams, and Jellies can be prepared with very little investment at the comfort of your home and can reap huge benefits if you can maintain consistency.

Select Your Specialty 

Decide what sort of food you want to sell and how. A vast assortment of food-related business options includes meal delivery solutions, catering and products that are baked. You are able to concentrate on specific niche markets. Catering weddings, meal delivery for new moms or baked products sold through online websites and apps.

Market Research

You should do your research prior to starting your home food business as the food business is quite competitive. Proceed to business networking events. This gives you an excellent opportunity to choose the brains of local business individuals in the food business and see what works and what doesn’t. It is said that if you can’t perform broader market research, utilize your mates and the individuals you know to test your meals recipes on. Each bit of feedback you may get is helpful and will also help you get a rating and review on websites that you have just started selling food on.

Licenses and Permits

You’ll have to check your regional zoning rules to make sure you’re allowed to run a food business out of your property, food safety regulations and how you can apply for a food license. Otherwise, you might need to look into renting a professional kitchen area. Next, you’ll have to be sure your kitchens pass all state meals cleanliness requirements. Check with your state health department for more details and you can get more details about the required FSSAI registration in Step 6 here. Take some state necessary food handling courses to assist you better understand the requirements. Finally, you may want to get a business license along with a resale license that will allow you to purchase ingredients wholesale tax-free.

Getting started

Whilst a plan doesn’t have to be really formal, it does help you take thought for your home food business and make a concrete plan for attaining it. Should you need assistance in planning or getting started in selling food in India, joining an established network of home chefs or an aggregator and interacting in one of the chef meetups can help gain some expertise.

How to sell homemade food ?

Learning how to start a home-based cooked food business is a good way to combine a hobby with a career. Like any other small business, a home-based cooked food business operator demands a great amount of research and planning to start. Nevertheless, you’ll require additional permits, inspections and marketing strategies before being allowed to make a sale. Here are a number of things to contemplate when starting a food home-based business.

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