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Do you want to start a film production company? If so, read this article and learn in detail the various aspects related to starting a business on film production.

If you are a film enthusiast, thinking of having a film production company is quite natural. However, to start a profitable film production company requires a lot of planning and dedication. Here, we list down the steps associated with starting a film production business.

Here are the 10 Steps to Start a Film Production Company

1. Do Some Market Research

Before starting a film production company, it is important to do some market research. There are two aspects to consider. One is the viewer and the people or institutions funding you. You have to carefully define your segment of viewers for whom you will creating your films. You also need to talk to the financial partners and convince them about your strategy of reaching the target audience with your product.

2. Decide on Type of Film Production Company

Another key aspect is to decide on the types of films you are going to make. There are many options you can explore like making full commercial films, documentary films, productions for television, etc. Decide on the category of productions you are going to produce. It can be comedy, horror movies, action movies, love stories, etc.

You can venture into the film production business as per your resources and expertize. You can start your own from home with limited resources. Platforms like YouTube gives just the perfect platform for beginners. The other popular ways are a project-based film production unit and full-fledged film production company.

3. Create a Business Plan

Like any other business, a business plan is the most important document for a film production company. Your business plan is supposed to be the blueprint of how you want to start and run your film production company. Write down the mission and vision statement detailing the goals and objectives.

Clearly outline how you are planning to make money out of producing films and arrange fund for starting the business. It is advised to take help from professionals in writing the plan. You can also take help from business plan software online.

4. Name Your Film Production Company

It is very important to a relevant business name for your film producing company. This business name is going to be your brand name. As for example, Walt Disney is a reputed brand which people relate with their film entertainment productions. 

5. Register a Company

It is always advised to convert your business into a legal entity.  Every country and state allows different company formation structures for business owners. Check with the local appropriate authorities about the licenses and permits required to run a film production company.

6. Arrange Finance

If you are looking for funding, it is critical to have a well-planned document for presentation to potential investors. Creating a detailed business plan is the key to impress financers. Angel investors, Government financing, crowdfunding are some of the alternate ways of getting money for your business. You can also talk to companies and seek brand sponsorship from them.

7. Hire Manpower

Broadly, you need to hire four kinds of professionals for your film production company. You need scriptwriters, production specialists, post-production experts and sales and film marketing personnel. Create a job description for each work and recruit the best you can get.

For every film production company, personnel like development executives primarily responsible for initial groundwork with new scripts and screenplays. In addition, production advisor, post-production advisor, and head of sales and distribution are extremely must for a production company.

You can hire these people from recruitment agencies, post job adverts in local newspapers or posting job advertisements online.

8. Procure Equipment

You have to carefully invest in procuring proper equipment for film production. Equipment like a video camera and camera support like tripods, sound equipment, lights and reflectors, editing software, etc.

9. Create a Film Distribution Strategy

If you are into the movie business, the most important aspect is the film distribution strategy. It is observed that most make good movies but unable to distribute their product properly. If you are serious in making a profitable film production business, creating a well-planned distribution strategy. If you can afford, hire professionals in this field who can reach distributors effectively with your product.

10. Promote Your Film Production Company

Create a website with a relevant domain name with your company name. Register with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and create profiles. Post regularly and get as many likes and followers as possible. Another important can be YouTube. Create a channel and attract subscribers.

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