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With the use of internet, e-mail marketing has become more prevalent and common method to reach maximum users with minimum costs. It is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communication. E-mail marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with the clients and at the same time promoting your business and products. With e-mail marketing you can also track how much percentage of people have shown interest in your product or service. Professional e-mail marketing is considered as a better approach for organized marketing strategy. Here are some benefits for e-mail marketing.

  • Permission based list building: It is a creation of an email list by providing a sign up box for for prospective e-mail contacts and confirming their approval with a follow up email
  • Campaign creation: The capability to organize and structure large volumes of e-mail messages by branding, theme and schedule
  • Online reporting: Track the sending of individual email campaigns and at what rates they were opened and which e-mails are not open or bounced
  • Rich content Integration: Addition of graphics, video, audio and test using templates,drag and drop editor
  • List Management: The ability to organize, segment, edit, grow and manage a database of customer or client e-mail contact information

How to implement successful e-mail marketing campaign

There are some simple tips for effective e-mail marketing

  • To grab the attention of your readers, make sure that your subject line or title should stand out. Need to keep message short and to the point
  • Your logo needs to be highlighted clearly at the top of the e-mail
  • Stress first two or three lines of your e-mail to make an impact
  • Provide link for the landing page on your website
  • Collect e-mail addresses at offline events like trade shows and import them into your database and send them a welcome email
  • Promote offers and e-mail sign up through Google plus company page

Automate scheduling for e-mail

E-mail schedule can be of great help when one has to mail same document or message to different people on regular basis in bulk. Automation of e-mails are not restricted to sending and receiving mail but also account for other activities like deleting unwanted emails automatically, save e-mail attachments into local folders, e-mail integration with text files or csv and so on. Aweber is one such platform where you can manage and automate your mail and schedule your mail according. As shown in screenshot below, we have schedule each message or tutorial on JavaScript and send to subscribers by scheduling it one after the other.

Digital Marketing Tutorial: Online Course

There are many e-mail service providers which does not have automation scheduling in-built, for them extensions are available and can add on this extension to their mailing system. For example, “Boomerang” which can be used in Google chrome or Firefox for scheduling e-mails. Mail Chimp is another mail manager where you can set data, time , batch delivery and so on for your mail .

Digital Marketing Tutorial: Online Course

The important feature of mail chimp is that it keeps the track record for their subscribers and give information like who all have looked into your messages, which links they clicked and from where they have access the link ( Geo-location) and vice versa.

Digital Marketing Tutorial: Online Course
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