Eclipse IoT Platform

Eclipse IoT

The two technologies IoT and M2M (Machine to Machine) are becoming trendy in the IT industry. The ability to connect sensors, actuators, and a wide range of devices open up a great opportunity to create new types of solutions and applications in any industry.

However, the current state of the IoT industry is characterized by closed proprietary solutions. It restricts interoperability between solutions and locks customers to the use of unique technology. IoT is based on the two principles that make it trendy are: open standards and free software.

In Eclipse, we create an open-source community that provides basic open source components to create an open and interoperable IoT. The Eclipse IoT community implements open-source projects that developers can use to build their IoT solutions.

The focus is on providing:

  1. Open-source implementations of popular IoT standards.
  2. Frameworks and services are necessary to build IoT solutions.
  3. Tools required by IoT developers.

The first Eclipse IoT project began in November 2012.

Services and Frameworks

Eclipse Smart Home:  Eclipse Smart Home is a set of Java and OSGi services for the integration of home automation. This project provides a uniform access point for many home automation devices and protocols.

Eclipse Smart Home

Eclipse SCADA: Eclipse SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a set of Java and OSGi services to create industrial control systems to monitor and control industrial processes, such as factory floors or solar farms.

Kura: Kura is a set of Java and OSGi services that implements the common services necessary for an IoT gateway, such as the I/O connection with (serial ports, USB, Bluetooth, GPS, clock, etc.), data services, remote management, and more.

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