Chemical Engineering Business

Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Detergent powders are also known as synthetic detergent and these are the surfactant. One can start this project with a small startup capital investment. There are different varieties of detergent available in the market depending upon the different percentage of active ingredients and other components. The process of manufacturing is very simple and it involves simply mixing different ingredients in the right formula.

Perfume Making

Perfume making business can be a profitable venture when you are aware of the basic things of the marketing of the product. A person with a prolific discipline nature and having the ability to listen to others and process the ideas and information they shared – a perfume making business can be the right option for him. 

Nail Polish Making

Nail polish making business is a million-dollar industry in cosmetic products. Actually, nail polish is a lacquer kind of product that is used to decorate and to protect human fingernails or toenails. The demand for nail polish is growing rapidly particularly in urban areas owing to several factors such as greater purchasing power because of higher income, desire to look better and more attractive, etc.

Liquid Soap Making

Liquid soap making business includes a wide range of processing, packaging and marketing operations. The business also demands extensive market research and marketing strategy. Liquid soap is a consumable item and the demand for it is increasing in the rural and urban areas both. Total annual soap sale by branded companies is estimated at 14000 tonnes, while a total soap market is considered to be about 126000 tones. 

Matchstick Manufacturing

Matchstick manufacturing business can be initiated as a small scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. Matchsticks are consumer durable product and the demand is growing day-by-day. An entrepreneur having knowledge in channel distribution can start this business with moderate capital investment.

Rubberband Manufacturing

An entrepreneur can initiate a rubber band manufacturing project at a home location with moderate capital investment.  Rubber Band is a very useful thing in our everyday life and it seems that its demand will remain unchanged in the future also. Rubberband manufacturing is a technically feasible and financially viable project for small business entrepreneurs. 

Neem Oil Extraction

Neem oil extraction business opportunity demands adequate knowledge about the oil extraction process. There are several techniques used in the industrial and commercial extraction of neem oil. Neem oil extraction using the solvent like alcohol, ether, and hydrocarbons is the most used process in the industry. 

Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti is a consumer product that the demand is found throughout the year and it increases in festive days. The scope and production of Agarbatti making business are based on the individual investment capability. One can start this business as home-based and can go on a large scale also.

Water Purifier

The water purifier is a liquid substance to purify and treat drinking water. It can be simply formulated with iodine or chlorine dioxide. With a simple formulation process, water purifier manufacturing business can be initiated on a small-scale basis.

Pesticide Manufacturing

Small-scale pesticide manufacturing business demands knowledge about the process of the formulation with the right technology. Selecting the right product is important. Pesticide manufacturing is one of the most profitable chemical ideas.

Nylon Production

The demand for nylon products is very extensive globally and it requires on a daily basis. Choosing the right product and identify the market is the most crucial issues in getting success in nylon production.

Micronutrient Manufacturing

Micronutrient has immense potential in the agriculture business. Having a strong distribution strategy, one can start this manufacturing business with substantial capital investment.

Toilet Cleaner

Having knowledge about the formulation process an individual can start a toilet cleaner business with moderate capital investment on small-scale basis. Determining the proper marketing strategy is important in this type of business.

Botanical Pesticide Manufacturing

Due to the prohibitive cost of synthetic pesticides and the problems of environmental pollution caused by the continuous use of these chemicals, there is a renewed interest in the use of botanical for crop protection.

Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture reviews the research on botanical pesticides used to combat losses due to pests of agricultural importance, with special attention focused on the use of higher plants. With proper knowledge about the formulation process, an individual can initiate this business with moderate capital investment.

Hand Sanitizer Making

Commercial hand sanitizer making business demands proper skill about the mixing and formulation process. The process is very simple. An entrepreneur can initiate this venture with moderate capital investment.

Fungicide Manufacturing

Fungicide is an important component of the agriculture and food industry. Different types of fungicides that have a different composition, used for various purposes. Formulation of fungicide in liquid, powder or granule form can be initiated on small-scale basis.

Dish Wash Bar – Liquid Making

Dish wash bar – liquid is a consumer durable product. The demand is growing worldwide. The manufacturing process is simple. No major licensing is required.  One can initiate this venture with proper knowledge about the production process

Herbal Soap Making

The herbal industry is growing globally. Awareness among the people about the benefits of using herbal products is the main reason behind it. The herbal soap making process is simple and it requires simple few raw materials. One can initiate this venture small-scale basis with moderate capital investment.

Export / Import

Export/import of chemical is a very profitable business one can initiate with moderate startup capital. You will need to obtain the export/import license first. Select the products for export and import. Build your business network. Export/import is one of the most profitable chemical business ideas.

Aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a herbal product that has seen an immensely increasing demand. You can initiate the business on a small scale basis with proper knowledge about herbal product marketing.

Insecticide Manufacturing

Insecticide manufacturing is one of the most profitable chemical business ideas one can start with substantial capital investment. The demand for good quality pesticide is huge. Additionally, you can initiate the business on a small and large scale basis.

Floor Polish Manufacturing

Actually, real estate venture owners or property owners can’t ignore the effectivity of floor polish. Different types of floor polish generally used for polishing different types of flooring components such as marble, granite, vitrified tiles, etc. The production process is simple. Additionally, you can start the business both on a small and medium scale basis.

Hair Conditioner Manufacturing

Hair conditioner is a consumer durable hair care product. The production process is a simple mixing and formulation. You can start selling in your brand name and also you can produce the product for the other company.

Weedicide Manufacturing 

Two types of weedicide generally we find in the market. One is herbal or botanical weedicide and another is chemical weedicide. The process is simple. For the production of herbal weedicide, no major licensing required. Additionally, you can initiate the business on a small-scale basis.

Paints Manufacturing

Paints manufacturing business opportunity demands adequate knowledge about technology.One can initiate this business with substantial capital investment.

Face cream Cleansing Lotion Manufacturing

Increasing awareness about the beauty and health care among the people has increased the demand for the products like face cream cleansing lotion. Selecting the right product is important in this business. The manufacturing process is not complex. Additionally, you can initiate the business on a small-scale basis.

Ball Pen Ink Refill Making

Ball pen ink refill making is one of the most profitable chemical business ideas one can initiate with moderate capital investment. The production process is simple. it doesn’t require major licensing to initiate.

Germicide Manufacturing

Germicide is a consumer durable product that used to kill germs and bacteria on different types of surfaces. Basically, germicide helps to rid the area of bacteria and germs. And these have the potential to cause harm to humans and other living things. The production process is simple.  Germicide manufacturing is one of the most profitable chemical business ideas presently.

Herbal Shampoo Manufacturing

The herbal shampoo is a hair care product and the market potential is increasing day-by-day. Having knowledge about the technical process any individual can initiate this business on a small-scale basis, with moderate capital investment.

Toothpaste Manufacturing

Toothpaste is a consumer durable product. In today’s world, we find different varieties of types of toothpaste available in the market. The production process is simple. Additionally, you can start the business on a small-scale basis. Selecting the right product and crafting the right marketing strategy is crucial in getting success in this business. 

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