BioTechnology Businesss

Actually, biotechnology is the use of living organisms or other biological systems in the manufacture of products or for environmental management. Also, modern biotechnology is popular as genetic engineering, genetic modification or transgenic technology.

List of Biotechnology Business Ideas:

Agri Clinic

Initiating an Agri clinic is a perfect business opportunity for the biotechnologist. Actually, a full-fledged Agri clinic provides different types of agriculture-related services. Some of the most profitable opportunities are soil testing, seed processing, fish hatchery, tissue culture, etc. Depending on your knowledge, expertise and local market demand, you can establish an Agri clinic to provide the services to the local farmers.

Biodegradable Plastic Production

Currently, the biodegradable plastic or bio-fibers have wide application in food packaging and in the biomedical sciences. Actually, these eco-friendly polymers reduce rapidly and replace the usage of petroleum-based synthetic polymers.

Due to their safety, low production costs, and biodegradability these fibers are getting immense popularity these days. There are several ways you can produce this type of plastics.

Biodiesel Production

According to industry experts, the global biofuel market will double over the next decades. Basically, biodiesel comes under the renewable energy segment. And as such any diesel engine can run on biodiesel. So, there is no need for any modification. Due to this reason, the demand for biodiesel is increasing very fast. The manufacturing technology is also available widely.

Biofertilizer Production

Basically, biofertilizers contain living microorganisms. According to the method of application, there are two different types of biofertilizers you can find. These are for soil application and for foliar application.

Some of the most popular biofertilizers are Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillum Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms (PSM), etc. For starting this business, you will need to have a well-equipped laboratory and a production unit for commercial production.

Biopesticide Production

Usually, biopesticides are inherently less toxic than conventional pesticides. So, they are more eco-friendly than chemical pesticides. Generally, they affect only the target pest and closely related organisms. Additionally, biopesticides are the most important ingredients in organic farming activity. Therefore, the demand for different types of biopesticides is already there in the market. This is a profitable biotechnology business opportunity you can consider seriously.

Food Processing

Biotechnology has an immense impact on the modern food processing industry. Generally, food processing industries use GM plants and animals to enhance taste, shelf life, nutrition and quality of food. On the other hand, GM yeast and Bacteria are used to produce enzymes for the sake of the food industry. So, it opens a wide range of business opportunities for the aspiring biotechnologist for starting a business in the food processing industry.

Medical Devises Manufacturing

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines medical devices as instruments, lab equipment, reagents, test kits, implants, or related accessories. Basically, these are intended for use in diagnosing, preventing or treating a disease or used to affect the function or structure of the body.

Actually, the medical device field has a broad range of products. And as technology upgrades, several new products are coming every day. However, this type of manufacturing business demands sufficient startup investment and strategic planning.

Seed Developing

Generally, biotechnology plays an important role in developing different types of hybrid and high-yield seeds. Biotechnological tools greatly contribute to the production and supply of improved quality seed and planting material to farmers worldwide. Additionally, it helps to protect seed with biological control agents and tests varietal identity and purity. So, you can start a research-oriented business for developing different types of seeds. 

Tissue Culture

Basically, tissue culture helps in rapid exponential multiplication to produce good quality disease-free plantlets. You can produce huge quantities from a single plant. The demand for tissue cultured plantlets is growing rapidly. The major consumers of tissue culture raised plants are the State Agriculture Department, Agri Export Zones (AEZs), State agencies such as the Spice Board, sugar industry, and private farmers.

Vaccine Production

In developing and producing different life-saving vaccines, biotechnology has immense potential. Actually, the development of vaccines is a microbiological application in biotechnology. Hence, if you have an educational background in microbiology and want to start a business, then also you can consider this opportunity.

Nowadays, health is the major category where the commercial use of biotechnology is much higher than in other sectors. Vaccines can also be prepared through short synthetic peptide chains. There are several ways by which these can be used as vaccines.

Basically, biotechnology offers different types of knowledge-based business opportunities. However, it is important to conduct a market survey and identify the exact demand before initiating any biotechnology business as such.

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