Application of IoT

Smart Home: A smart home encapsulates the connectivity inside our homes. It includes home appliances, smoke detectors, windows, light bulbs, door locks, etc.

Smart City: A Smart City is a technically advanced region with advance information and communication technologies. It enhances the quality of government services, operational efficiency, information sharing with the public, traffic management to water distribution, etc.

Wearables: Wearable devices are known as devices with the infusion technology that humans use in their bodies. For example, smartwatches, smart glasses, and so on.

Industrial Internet: The integration of Big Data, analytical tools, and wireless networks in industrial equipment is known as the Industrial Internet. It integrates specific equipment ideas or smart machines with IoT and integrated technology.

Parking Sensors: IoT technology helps users to identify the real-time availability of parking spaces on their phones.

Connected Car: The presence of interconnected devices in the Car has become a buzzword in the automotive industry. These cars generate an alert if a collision detect, heavy traffic, and other security alerts.

Smart supply chain: It helps us to track products in real-time or allow suppliers to exchange inventory information.

Activity Trackers: It helps us capture the caloric expenditure, heart rate pattern, activity level, and wrist skin temperature.

Smart Retail: Smart Retail represents a smarter way to experience shopping by encompassing a group of technical solutions. It enables us to convert a conventional physical store into an interactive point of sale.Using some tools, smart retailing allows retailers to gain detailed knowledge of customers and businesses. It also increases sales, and improve the business process. Example: Paytm launched its Smart Retail Facility.

Smart Grid: Smart Grid is part of an IoT application. It is used to monitor and manage everything remotely such as: lighting, traffic lights, traffic jams, parking lots, road warnings, etc. It also detects influences such as influx energy resulting from earthquakes and extreme situations weather.

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