Advantages & Disadvantages of IoT

Advantages of IoT Applications:

Advantages Disadvantages of IoT
  • Security: You can control your home through the mobile phones. It provides personal protection.
  • Stay connected: You can connect virtually to your family.
  • Efficient usage of electricity: You can use electricity effectively because the devices are directly connected and communicate with controller device such as mobile phoneSo you don’t have to worry about un-necessary use of electricity and appliances.
  • Your Pocket Personal Assistance: IoT applications can provide personal assistance that can alert you to your daily plans.
  • Road Safety: GM OnStar is a car-integrated system that detects a car accident or road accident. If an accident or crash has detected, it makes a call automatically.
  • Better Health Care and Management: The patient monitoring can be done on a real-time basis without a doctor’s visit. It enables them to make decisions as well as evidence-based offer treatment.
  • Cost-Efficient Business Operations: Many business operations, such as assets tracking, inventory control, shipping, security, individual order tracking, customer management, personalized marketing, and sales services, etc. It can be done efficiently with an appropriate tracking system in a company.

Disadvantages of IoT Applications:

Advantages Disadvantages of IoT 1
  • Privacy issues: The hackers can enter into the system for stealing the private data. We want a personal space in life. Therefore, staying in touch with family and friends by always giving them all the details of our life activity is not good. There is a possibility of misuse of your information.
  • Super-reliance on technology and electronic gadgets: The younger generation grew up with the things readily available. Internet and technology makes them unintelligent. A simple mathematical calculation is done using a calculator available on our phones. We trust and depend on the Internet more likely we are to fall victim to a severe event if we lose it.
  • Becoming Indolent: The peoples are more familiar with a job based on clicks, that makes them lazy for any type of physical activity.
  • Unemployment: The unskilled peoples are at high risk of losing their jobs. Security guards, Maids, Ironmen, and Dry-cleaning services, etc. They may not have enough job opportunities, as IoT devices replaces their work. The peoples can work on their own.
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